Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lights, Lettuce, Tomatoes!

What did the tomato inspire? A little light for him and his leaning lettuce friends!

We have had a shop light hanging above this window in the garage. It has only worked occasionally. While we were out yesterday, we picked up a replacement and some extra chain. Here are the early testers (moved from a house window) just after the light was turned on: Below, is later that evening:
And, today, the word has gotten out... "There's a party in the garage and someone brought LIGHT!"
The white pot was just brought in from the barn. In it is an old fuchsia with new sprouts. The little man showed up yesterday evening. Dear husband must have woken him up. Everyone knows a gnome with a job to do finds less time for mischief.

Wish the replacement curtains (for different window) I picked up today worked as well as the replacement light. Oh well.

So, any seedling lighting tips?


RUTH said...

Aluminium cooking foil or an old mirror; placed behind the plants can help reflect some light. I have a smilar problem with my window sill growing and am endlessly turning the trays around.

A wildlife gardener said...

Very inspiring!

Libbys Blog said...

I had no idea putting an ordinary light above them would have this effect. Fascinating!!!

Ali said...

Thanks for visiting Henbogle. You have a lovely blog yourself. I'm jealous of your springy weather, here in Maine we just received 10" of snow followed by a mix of sleet, freezing rain, then finally rain. Yuk! Good luck with your seeds!

Sheila said...

Your seedlings definately 'saw the light'...they appreciate it too, by the way they have straightened up.

Green thumb said...

Seriously inspiring! The last time I saw a demonstration like this, was in my high school Biology textbook.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ruth already mentioned the aluminium foil or mirror and have got a light above them so that should be enough.

The seedlings look healthy, so good luck with them!