Saturday, November 11, 2006

Need Mulch?

Big-leaf maple - all the mulch you ever need in one single tree!

These leaves surprise me every fall when I find them on the ground mixed in with normal leaves. That's a size 9 foot there.

When I was out in the garden on that extra frosty day, I kept hearing crunches in the neighbor's woods. Was it the neighbors? No. Crunch, crunch. Was it a squirrel? No. Was it that coyote that's been around? Crunch, crunch. Finally concluded it was these giant frozen leaves not so silently falling to the ground!

What a week! I didn't expect to be so out of touch. I even have topics lined up and still couldn't get them posted.


Anonymous said...

I have a maple too but my leaves are about as big as a baby-giants foot!
I'm putting them in the compost pile.
Oh yes, rain rain rain, it's raining cats and dogs. I have to "suit up" in my rain pants & jacket to get the garden ready for winter.
Ugh! I should have started way back in October but I just couldn't stand the thought of cutting back. I have learned my lesson and will start earlier next year.
How you are doing okay there.
I love your explaination of the frosty leaves falling.
~ Becky

Allotment Lady said...

How I loved your description of the frozen maple leaves I would loved to have heard them

Christa said...

Neat-looking leaves! I also like the photos of the frost on the flowers that you posted earlier. Pretty...but bbrrr...looks so cold!

Anonymous said...

Haven't had the rain this November. Here in my area of the sound we have receive 10'so far. How are fairing. Maybe we gardens in the Northwest should be looking at some bog plant :)
all the best,
BOB of

she who digs said...

Wow those leaves are huge! I often have maple syrup on my porridge and although knew the shape of the leaf, had no idea they could get so big! Hope that you’ve been able to rake them up to turn into leaf mulch for next year! Thanks for visiting my site again, I’ve been a bit inactive on it recently, but it’s nice to know that people are still browsing! Sarah

jackie said...

When I read this post the other day, it made me think of being a kid and 'ironing' leaves between two pieces of waxed paper covered with a bath towel. We'd have only needed ONE of your leaves! :)

JLB said...

I sure miss those big leaf maples! They're really amazing, aren't they?!

Salix Tree said...

My goodness, what a giant! How beautiful its shape too!
I haven't visited here for a while, scrolled down a ways. I love the pic of the yellow flower edged in frost, it's cool the way the frost is standing outward from the petals.