Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good-Bye, November!

Well, we're really not too sad to see you go. Over 15.5 inches of rain this month doesn't replace a few nice rains we could have used last summer (hmmm...remember Ode to Rain?) Just the usual 5-6 inches in Nov. would have been just fine.

And "thunder snow" ?! After the 6th flash over my head on the way home in the ice/snow Monday night, I was starting to think my car had some electrical issue making the street lights go out - or was it me? Aren't flashes of light signs of eye problems? Is this how crazy starts? Why now?

Finally, I heard a good thunder along with the lightning and decided I wasn't seeing things after all. Thunder snow - who knew!

And who needs this 18 degrees? Our average low for November is firmly above the freezing line. Sure there were also some above average days in November. But these pansies (& cows) aren't sure they were cut out for 18 degrees. They had months of blooming to go still, who knows now.

December may be arriving more peacefully here, but for some of the rest of you, it sounds like it's our November in disguise. Keep warm, stay safe and good luck!


lottie the allotment lady said...

That is an original happening - thunder snow. No wonder you were confused.

Anita said...

I was totally confused with this warm november we had, too. And guess what: for next Tuesday, December 5th, they announded 14 degrees / 57.2 ° F!!! Oh my good!!!