Saturday, November 18, 2006


DH mowed(mulched) & collected the leaves from the ornamental cherry trees (see April view here) and we're spreading them in the garden. I hope the leaves and some burlap coffee bean bags will smother out the grass between these rows. Before mowing the leaves, below.Early November, below, after taking down the bean structure (see Aug photo here). The clean coffee bags in the far end cover part of next year's expansion. Hopefully some of the grass will be gone by spring.


Anonymous said...

K n o w
that is a lot of work!
Well done!

jackie said...

You have such a beautiful yard and area to garden in. And from all I've read, you're doing the right thing to make new beds next spring. I'm always too impatient to wait and end up shoveling until I think I've broken my back! I have to start planning better - am not getting any younger and that shoveling gets harder and harder. LOL

Leslie said...

Gold indeed! And I am convinced that the ornamental cherry leaves makee all the vegetables even sweeter.