Saturday, October 07, 2006

So long girls & thanks for all the poo!

Our pasture guests, Dora and Flora, are off to new pastures (yes, we've been hosting sheep). May be some lambs in their future too. Their owner, a Future Farmers of America student, has graduated high school and started college. She sold the girls to a younger student. Hopefully, they'll enjoy their new pastures. This photo is from the spring.

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Actually, they well poo'ed the pastures, but sheep poo doesn't accumulate much by itself when they have lots of room to roam (except for by the gate). The straw used in the loafing sheds did, though, and it has been my compost/mulch of choice. I experimented and found wool makes a decent mulch also. The old bales of alfalfa I tried this summer were ok, but alfalfa doesn't seem to break down as well as straw and it's getting a little slimy in the rain.

We'll miss you!


john curtin said...

I'd be sort of sad as a foster parent letting them go!

Jackie's Garden said...

Really enjoyed visiting your blog. These pictures are terrific. Thanks.