Friday, September 15, 2006

Here's a Bug for You

Blossom the Travel Bug has been released into the geocaching world or as I like to say, she's off on a garden tour by GPS. Maybe she'll show up in your garden soon! Here's a link to track her travels - Blossom's Link. Here you can see her in Petunia's Garden, before her departure. Below, she is tucked into the cozy zip-loc with her travel bug tag (which has a tracking number) and travel instructions. Storage bags seem to have quite the following in the geocaching world as they help protect the travelers from the harsh conditions in some of the caches and the weather.

Now, the hope is someone will pick her up from the cache she is in and then place her in another cache, anywhere in the world for another cacher to find. First, I hope they'll take a picture of her in a garden or natural habitat of some sort and post it on her page (above link) at I've enjoyed a number of great garden tours by GPS so I look forward to seeing where she'll go with others.

(She does sort of look like she may have been affiliated with a software company in a former life. By the time she came to us, she was living a life of her own and jumped at the chance for the garden tour.)


clodhopper said...

Happy Birthday PG. Hope (DH) was able to provide death by chocolate!

There'll be a cuppa waiting at 52 02North 02 - 48 West for the bug.

Anonymous said...

we love to geocache too.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Clodhopper, It was great birthday & weekend, but oh this month is going too fast. I love this time of year. And thanks for the coordinates. I do hope she makes it there some day, if she ever makes it out of the original cache. Maybe other cachers don't see the gardening side of it all.

Becky, nice to hear someone else has been captured by this addictive little activity. Have you been caching long?