Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oh, Peas!

Just noticed the first open snap pea flowers this weekend. Here is one on the Cascadia peas, tonight. I did remove the tendril threatening to strangle it. As a side note, I've noticed DH and I both seem to enjoy helping the tendrils connect to the wire support. Just get a little hooked end of a tendril close to the wire and it seems to grab a hold!

After a productive day yesterday preparing the new garden areas followed by a good rain last night, we decided to take an excursion today. I was fooling with the camera settings as we left, wishing I had read more about them. Sad to learn when we opened the file tonight that the pictures from yesterday were no longer on the disk! I thought I was just browsing the various settings, but apparently I reset something. I am not happy about this at all! The garden photos I can take again, but not Emily stalking the mole who arrived before we put the tools away!

I'll try again this week to take some updated photos of the new and existing beds (including the bean structure considered in an earlier post and now in place). Otherwise, we had a great day geocaching and garden touring!

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