Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who planted the rocks?

My dear husband did a little more rototilling this evening in the garden expansion area. I did some digging when I got home and discovered way more big rocks in the area than I'd like to see. The clay soil wasn't too far below the surface either. This area may need at least a year's worth of composting (& rock removal) before proceeding. Here are some other photos, however. These are the chickens in my garden! The chicks and the sedum on the left are from starts brought back from my Kansas family. That's catmint in the upper right. Radish seedlings making their appearance, along with surfacing rocks. Years ago, a friend gave the seeds to us. They were in a long strip of tissue to make them easy to plant. I've thinned them some since this picture.
Snap peas coming up between the parsley and volunteer borage. Oh yes, there are some little rocks growing from pieces left last year. When we first dug this area last year, the soil was good and the rocks weren't as thick as the new area. And the top row of basil is from my seed friend also! Gift seeds must grow better than others. I didn't expect ALL of them to sprout. The lower row is another type of basil.


Allotment Lady said...

Rocks, rocks, rocks, and I have an allotment full of flints, flints, flints, that result in weird shaped carrots and parsnips, etc.

We can't grow basil outdoors here - well here as in where I live, so I envy you.

But at least we both have a lot in common. Rocks and a love of a challenge

Paula said...

Love the Hens and Chicks. That bed's looking great(:

My 12 year old planted chicks in an old tennis shoe last year. Very cute!

Sigrun said...

You named Sempervivum 'chicks'? Good to know, I like it too. And we also have heavy clay soil in the garden and a lot of stones.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Yes, they're often called hens-and-chickens, as in the hen with little chicks all around her! My grandmother had them at her house so I enjoy thinking of her when I see them.