Saturday, August 11, 2012

Next Up: Excursion with Boots

In the summer of 1986, I worked at the Grand Canyon National Park.  New arrivals like me soon found a ride to Flagstaff to buy desert hiking boots.  Here I am with my Hi-Tec Lady-Lites.  Lots of photos from that summer, but this is the only one of me and the boots.  It was from my last excursion of the summer.  A flight to the North Rim to hike down to Phantom Ranch and then up to the South Rim (where I lived/worked). 

It is hard to replicate being able to walk out your door for a little hiking in Grand Canyon country.  Most hiking I have done since then was in whatever general shoes I was wearing.  The boots have held up all these years so they are going with me for another warm weather Tanzania.

 You can see one of the trails above my foot in the photo.

I think I gave him a carrot.

DH proposed to me that summer when he came to visit after graduating and getting a job.  I'm taking him to Tanzania, too.  I'm not going to let him feed the wild things or we might not make it back (he thinks he wants to pet a lion).

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