Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Truck

Last weekend, DH nervously turned over the keys to our 1986 truck (nervously, as he doesn't want me to hurt anyone).  I've been helping friends haul some things this week. 

First, he checked out the fluid levels and cleaned out a few years of treasures behind the seat.  Then I had to take it for a drive with him to learn its new issues (idiosyncrasies, as he likes to say) since the last time I drove it.  

Actually, it's fun to drive and hauls a lot of stuff/plants.  

He didn't tell me that the windshield wipers work, but only stop when they want to.  That's better than the left turn signal that doesn't work in the rain.  Thank goodness for a water resistant watch and left turn lanes. 

Fortunately, he talks as carefully about my idiosyncrasies.  He has had longer to adjust to them. 

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