Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Speedy Katydid

My cousin and I had to ask our Aunt about the singing we heard every evening in Oklahoma.  Frogs, birds or insects?  "Katydids," she said.  Then she called me over to show me one hanging out on her truck.  

 He wasn't into posing, and quickly kept moving directly toward me and the camera.  Aunt had him on her cane for a while, but he could walk to the end of it in no time.  She'd turn it around and he'd do it again.

He moved back to the car and then for me.  My aunt thought it was my shirt color, but I think he was going for anything taller than the car.  It took this photo before I realized how fast he was climbing. 

Finally, we relocated him to a plant, with no harm to either of us.

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