Sunday, October 18, 2009

SAGBUTT Tour October

Aerie-el arranged for quite the SAGBUTT tour today. Now just how far outside of Seattle did we go??

The nursery cafe was closed today, but it must be the center of activity in season! I could see spending a summer afternoon sitting at the outdoor tables (it is a bring your own coffee & pie kind of place).

... And after the world tour, we reached the Lake Wilderness Arboretum, in Maple Valley, Washington. A beautiful and dry day, too!

More of the unexpected...Clerodendrum trichotomum, Peanut Butter Tree. Rubbing the leaves reveals a peanut butter aroma, and check out the jelly colors to go along with it.

I liked the lacy design of this deciduous fir tree (as I understood). Perhaps the others will share the correct name. Our patient volunteer tour guide quickly adapted to our classic SAGBUTT touring style. Always ready to wonder off to any plant or blogger photo opportunity that calls.

But, of course, regrouping for some garden harvest sharing! Here, nicely set in in the Arboretum nursery area (and also the home of the world class fence/shed in the first two photos).

Tasty garden treats from Aeriel-el, Wingnut & Curmudgeon!

More of the covered potting area in the nursery. What a handy area!
I'll add the links of others who are likely to have captured more of the actual plant collections.
Thanks, Aeriel-el & SAGBUTTees, for a nice day out!


Aerie-el said...

Great photos!! All are great, and I had to laugh out loud when seeing the photo and your narrative of ...
'our classic SAGBUTT touring style. Always ready to wonder off...' Oh, so true!
Thanks so much for sharing the pumpkins--they are so gorgeous and sure to be tasty too :)

Karen said...

Hi there - So sorry to miss the tour, company, and pumpkins! Looks and sounds like you guys had another fun time. I hope to visit that garden someday, it looks like it has all-season interest. Glad you guys got a lovely day with no torrential downpours!

Matron said...

The most wonderful time of year to visit an arboretum! Greetings from your honorary sagbutt friend in London!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Looks like you all had fun~


Curmudgeon said...

Love the pic of all of us just wandering off--in all directions possible! LOL! That does seem to be our touring style. We finally got our post up.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for sharing lovely pictures and helping me identify unknown tree in my front yard. 'Peanut Butter Tree'. I was literally jumping in joy when I saw this blog post. I looked everywhere on internet last 1 year to find this unknown... finally found here. thank you!!!