Saturday, June 06, 2009

Blooming Borage

Self-seeded borage plants are now blooming. They are some of the happiest plants. And they make the bees very happy. Slugs don't seem interested in the prickly leaves. They have a cucumber flavor, but I don't care for the prickly leaves in my salad, either.

The Sweet Million tomato I purchased is also blooming. Can you see the similarities to the borage flowers? This tomato is under a window frame cloche. The Sungolds, started by seed, are under the covered wagon cloche. They look quite happy but no blossoms yet.

Borage does reseed itself in the garden, especially from any plants that end up standing until winter. Often, I cut them out after they get too large or stop blooming. The seedlings don't take much to remove where they are too thick or in the way. And they made great green additions to the composter.

I love having borage in the garden and even more so because it plants itself in the spring when there are so many other things to do!

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Karen said...

My mom has a ton of borage, I keep meaning to ask her for some. Although does it not like being transplanted? I love my self-seeders, always can use more of those! Cute juxtaposition of the borage and tomato flowers - are they in the same family?