Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been delayed enough to already have some excellent reports back from the March 22nd SAGBUTT gathering. Just up to me to post the group photo! So here we are, in our Zone!

Melanthia's summary of the event even covers the fur advice and what's up with the signs, above, that Karen was able to bring for us. Karen's write-up reminds us how we (& gardening) can change the world, especially if we don't forget about seedling gym exercises, and includes a preview of plants that may show up at a future meeting. Matron, international reporter, has a post up about it too (love the sign) and can share WA seed shopping location, if SAGBUTTees are still in search of just a few more seeds.

You can see from the photos the amazing variety of plants, seeds and treasures that went with all the advise and ideas filling the room. I have sprouts up from Karen's broccoli and will be planting more seeds this week. Thanks to everyone for the great discussions, goodies, and for planting all the gardening ideas, assuming spring does eventually arrive.

Matron - Down on the Allotment, visiting from the UK & friend D.

Mark Saturday, April 18th down on the calendar. Curmudgeon & WingNut have a location convenient to the Seattle Tilth garden. Just in time to see some spring sprouts (maybe).

So, SAGBUTTees, what do you think about a flash mob guerrilla gardening event in prime summer, downtown Seattle? Do you think we could leave a nice NW impression for many of the summer visitors?


Gardeness said...

LOL! Love the pic. Thanks for th link love, too. It was such a great time. I'd totally be up for a little guerilla gardening. We can make some seed bombs and go crazy.

Karen said...

That photo cracks me up. I had to think for a second to remember where I was standing! Ooh, guerilla gardening, I think it's a great idea! That could be really fun. Thanks again for all of your amazing organizing, it really made the meeting so fun! Glad the broccoli is sprouting, it went to a good home. :)

Matron said...

Wish I could make your next meeting :-( don't forget to include some veggie seeds if you go guerilla gardening - great idea!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Once I have my sign posted in the garden, I'll post it and fulfill my pledge! I always save photos for blogging at a lower file size. I'm happy to e-mail attendees the actual photo with and without the signs.

Matron, my hubby once poked in two of the seeds from my largest pumpkin in a public area. We watched but never did see any seedlings. It wasn't an area that would be weeded. They probably didn't sprout. Any flash mob guerrilla gardening would need to include vegetables.

The Intercontinental Gardener said...

I love the guerilla gardening thing too - Seattle city center really needs some more green!