Monday, March 09, 2009

SAGBUTT March Meet & Swap

Calling all Seattle Area Gardeners!
(visiting gardeners too, but no gardening ants* please)
Our next SAGBUTT meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 22. Thanks to Molly, who stepped in during my pre-vacation haze, we have a reserved location!

A seed swap seems to be on the top of the unofficial agenda for this meeting. Plus, we hope to have our first visiting blogger, Matron from the UK. Visit her blog, Down on the Allotment, and prepare your vegetable growing questions. The UK climate is quite like our own!

We'll also have some time to discuss any gardening/blogging topics desired, and planning for the next meeting or two. (read about Feb. fun here!)

Please leave a comment if you hope to attend and with any suggestions for this meeting. Feel free to list any seeds available or desired in the comments, also.

What: Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United to Talk (SAGBUTT)
When: March 22, 2009 1 pm - 3:30 pm
Where: Bellevue Regional Library, Room 4
1111 110th Avenue NE, Bellevue, 98004 Map link here

Bring: Seeds, etc. to swap, catalogs to browse/discuss, gardening questions.
Provided: Envelopes for sharing seeds, light refreshments.

Future meeting plans: We tentatively slated the third full weekend of each month, alternating between Saturday and Sunday. This makes the next tentative event April 18th. However, plans are subject to change to fit with special gardening events, etc. Attendees are planning to take turns coordinating the meetings/events.

SAGBUTT notices, discussions: Google groups SAGBUTT page and/or see the Facebook group for Seattle Area Garden Bloggers.

Karen has noted a garden related volunteer opportunity that you might like to pair up with our SAGBUTT meeting. Bellevue Botanical Garden is looking for help to pot up plants for their annual sale, and they will feed us lunch for free! Here's the info:
March 22, Sunday Potting Up Party 10 am - 4 pm

Bellevue Botanical Garden 12001 Main St, Bellevue. Volunteer Page Link

Help pot up and prepare plants from the Border for the Spring Plant Sale. Opportunities for all skill levels and abilities, including labeling, etc. Lunch will be provided. Question? or to let them know you will attend, contact George Lasch at

FINALLY, the little guy, below, is ready for a trim. Would anyone like some aloe vera starts? I can bring them to the meeting.
*Leaf cutter ants cut and chew leaves into mulch that is used to fertilize fungi, whose spores the ants then eat! It's a wonder there are any leaves left in Costa Rica.


Karen said...

Thanks so much for organizing! I'll be there with bells on, and may try to get to the BBG event too if I can swing it beforehand. Those ants are wacky! At first I thought it was an ivy creeping over your winter garden, but then I started to see legs...

As far as seeds, I am not a saver (yet) but will dig through and see if there's anything I failed to plant last year (probable) that might still be viable (possible). I'd love breadseed poppies if I can still plant them in time to come up and anyone has them!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I'm looking forward to being there. I may also try to go to the BBG first. I don't know if I have many seeds to swap, but I'll also go through what I have.
I also thought it was ivy in the first picture!

Curmudgeon said...

I'll be representing the Wenches this time around since Wing Nut works on Sundays. I promise to be as Un-Curmudgeonly as possible. I can't wait to finally meet everyone in person! As for seeds, we got a bit carried away ordering peas and beans. But those are pretty common, no? I'd love a little aloe cutting. We gifted our aloe when we left NE and have never gotten around to replacing it here.

PS I'm wondering if I might be able to catch a ride over to Bellevue with someone? I'm in the Ballard/Fremont. I'm flexible about participating in the BBG event.

Matron said...

Can't wait to meet all of you on the 22nd. Hope you can arrange for the snow to be cleared up by then please?

Petunia's Gardener said...

It was hard in the forest light to capture the ants, so they are hard to see. I would stop and watch them as it was a sight to see. One guide said that they could really make a small garden (& esp. roses) hard to grow in the city. in the forest, they didn't make a dent, but in a small garden, they did.

I'll bring the aloe starts. Peas were my most extra too, but it is fun to see if we have some varieties to trade. Any runner beans? I don't need many but finshed up my packet last year.

See you all soon! paula