Saturday, May 10, 2008

A day in the park...

DH and I have found we can easily be distracted from any to-do list items. Today brought such an opportunity when we decided to visit a park in Port Orchard, Washington. The gardening part of the excursion will be posted tomorrow.

It was a very large park, with sports fields, playground and even miniature steam engine railroad getting ready for rides. See the little silver train by the man with the blue tote? It was used to carry in supplies to this little station area! The railroad has been created, funded and operated by the Kitsap Live Streamers club.

As we walked further along a trail, we saw something through the trees and went to investigate. A table for two in the woods along the tracks? A special day in the plans for some train enthusiasts? We will probably never know...

Below is a photo from the end of the trail, looking out across the park.

Ahhh...but what do we have here? Could it be a World Wide Flash Mob III event? Yes! At promptly 10 am, a mob of geocachers gathered, logged in, dropped or picked up travel bugs and swag, had a snack, a group photo and mingled!

For 15 minutes that is! It was very well directed by the man with the megaphone and the crew who promptly managed the distributions, table moving, flag waving etc.

And then at 10:15, after the one minute warning to wrap up, we disbursed. Well, most disbursed. You'd think geocaching well suits the discrete and independent spirits. However, don't dismiss the social side of the geocacher!

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