Monday, April 07, 2008

Seed Rocks

Apparently, I didn't harvest all of the rocks from last year's new garden beds. Over the winter, they multiplied!
These all came out of the small sections I prepared on Saturday for peas and beans. They've now been added to the rocks harvested in prior years. One day, they'll be part of a landscape project.


A wildlife gardener said...

We used all the stones we dug up to go around both our ponds and to edge some of the taller parts of the garden.

Would you like to come and watch a little froggy video?...and look at some lovely photos of frogs in the previous post?

alec said...

hahahahah..very amusing! i have been tilling soil this week and i am discovering a plethora of rock and clay, and i ponder..where the hell did this come from?

Anonymous said...

Oh i just can't get enough rocks!
Aren't they wonderful everywhere in our garden!

I just dropped by to say hello
and to let you know there is a
little contest going on at My Serentity Garden
If you’d like to join in.

The Gardeness said...

Hey, I think some of those blew over into my yard. I'm making a dry riverbed with them.
Love the posts. In appreciation I've given you an award over at my blog.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Wildlife Gardener - I love your frog dance photos! I can only hear my frogs and never see them.

Alec - now you know that rocks grow in your garden over the winter. Probably clay too.

Becky - I do like rocks, but I get tired of digging them up. It's been one of those weeks, but I'll stop by and see if your contest is still on.

Gardeness - From Seattle, I see! This is great! We are our own unique growing region here so let's share experiences. Thanks for the E award! I'm glad you have discovered blogging as a great way to track the garden and connect with others.