Friday, November 16, 2007

Year 'Round Rose

This wild rose growns on our hillside (remember visiting our hillside retreat?). It is my kind of rose. Pretty pink blossoms, long arching canes and these lovely rosehips in the winter. It is also the home of Petunia's cousin. We have a path through this hillside pasture that goes by this rose bush. Often, a sunning garter snake would dart back in the brambles just as we walked by. DH doesn't like this, so I have to take the lead on this part of the path.

Here, I found the photos from this past May:

Wow! Look at all of that green too!


ChrisJ said...

Lovely photo of the rose hips. Do you make rose hip syrup? Have no idea how to do it, but just remember from my childhood in England the locals used to make it.

Sheila said...

I love these simple roses, and the rose hips are lovely. As your previous commenter says, I too grew up in the UK, and we were given doses of rose hip syrup. Very rich in vitamin C..

Connie said...

I have a similar wild rose....they are so pretty! It was the state flower in N.Dak. where I grew up, so I have a real fondness for them. The colorful red hips are a bonus! One year I made a wreath of rose hips and dried it. I loved the way it looked. Warning: don't try this without gloves!