Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seedling Challenges

Several weeks ago, I started some seedlings for the fall garden: lettuce, Brussels sprouts and, uhmmm, something. Was it broccoli or something else? (I was a little tired of broccoli at that time so why would I have planted so much?) Would broccoli and Brussels sprouts have similar seedlings? I either had one BS and lots of broccoli, or lots of BS and one mystery sprout. What to do, what to do? (yes, I know - mark them next time)

Finally, yesterday, I decided the giant leaves on the left, above, are for a 4 o'clock flower because I have a very similar one in the garden now. The next set of leaves will confirm. Then all of the seedlings on the right and in several more pots are Brussels sprouts.

Tonight, the lettuce seedlings and Brussels sprout seedlings (hopefully) were planted out in the garden. Swiss chard seedlings were planted out a week a go. Maybe this will give us something to eat with the pumpkins in the months ahead (stop by tomorrow for pumpkins). A little rain for a few days would settle them in very nicely.

Still harvesting beets and tonight I put some in the oven before I went out planting. My neighbor suggested it and I do like how they came out. Very sweet all on their own. Then some green beans for dinner too. I'll be freezing some this weekend as we probably won't be able to eat or share them fast enough for a while.


RUTH said...

I've often done the same thing...thought to myself I'll remember what they are. One year I grew a beautiful dandilion convinced it was something I'd sown...LOL

Bob said...

I have done this many times. Fortunately once they get their nest set of leave you can see what's what. You and I are on the same wave length. I'm getting ready to sow my chard, orn. kale and orn. cabbage, and winter pansies. It's that time of year.
Happy Gardening,BOB

p.s. did you know that kale, cabbage, broccoli, b.s., cauliflower all started from the same species and thru hybridization over hundreds of years in different countries they have evolved into all these different types. Pretty amazing.

Matron said...

I got my brassicas in this week too. I have built fort knox around them this year after the lace doyly last year, cuz no critters are getting in! Let's see what happens!

Petunia's Gardener said...

The answer is in (in the pointy 2nd leaves). A 4 o'clock it is. Now we'll see if they make it to flowering before frost.

Ruth, I can just see any of us explaining this special plant to our visitors. Bet it was beautiful! Bob, it is amazing how much the BS look like broccoli at this point, but they won't later. Matron, you are ahead of me. I hope the little babies aren't eaten. One bite from some of the slugs around here would finish off the seedlings I planted. I'll be watching. (but still in denial that we're planning the fall gardens)