Monday, May 21, 2007

Next Round of Sprouts

Here are the lemon cucumber and rouge vif d'etampes pumpkin seedlings from seeds planted May 13. There is also one delicata squash seedling but the romulus zucchini have still to sprout. One cosmos and 3 marigolds have also sprouted. I plan to start some pumpkins and squash outside soon. I'm starting some inside and some outside to see if there is any difference in how well they grow. Our weather stays cool this time of year and these warm weather vegetables might like spending a little time inside.


RUTH said...

Promises of good things to come.

meresy_g said...

Something I have yet to do. I need to start seeds in containers this weekend for the squash/zuccs/pumpkins/cukes. Every year mine get decimated by squash beetles. Yours look great.

Anita said...

My pumpkins are sprouting, too (outside)! I'll have about 10 different varieties last year and I am really looking forward to seeing the first fruits this summer! I bought most of the seeds in Paris in February this year - so I am even more excited to watch them growing - French pumpkins in a German garden.... ;-))

By the way, it's sprouting EVERYWHERE in my garden, I wish you could see it!

Happy gardening!

Hugs, Anita