Saturday, May 19, 2007

Anita's Magic Seeds

Dear Anita, can you see all of the smudges on your magic seed packets from trips to the garden? You know they are being planted! Being picked in your Easter drawing has been a such a spring treat. Thank you so much for the generous prizes! I can only hope my garden will someday look even a little like your wonderful Country Cottage Garden.
Above, sunny mix cosmos and white marigolds are planted among the purple blooming lavender and anise hyssop. This is one third of the newly expanded herb/flower bed. In the middle third will be a seating area. The flowers will make it the best spot around.
Watch this space, above! The dill and calendula are both here as you suggested. This is in the vegetable bed in front of the seats, for maximum enjoyment. The cosmos and marigolds varieties are finding their places among the vegetable beds too.

And here is the other third of the expanded herb/flower area. The rain stopped digging for the day, but it is almost done. Hmmm... Love-in-a-mist and hollyhocks might like this space? There will be more lavender here also.

And over in the sunflower row along the fence, the morning glories are already poking up out of the soil! The Rouge Vif d'Etampes pumpkins will be nearby, in the pumpkin patch.

Oh, how I will enjoy having you in the garden with me all summer! I treasure the plants that got their start from someone else and visits to the garden are like visiting friends. Your garden is an inspiration and your blog so fun to visit. Thank you for sharing your garden with me!

Happy gardening to you!
Paula, aka Petunia's Gardener


RUTH said...

Isn't it wonderful to grow plants that remind you of friends. It won't belong before you won't be able to see that bare soil. Happy Gardening.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Paula (now I won't have to call you Petunia's Gardener anymore) I see that you are making good use of Anita's lovely seed packets. Good for you! I'm looking foward to seeing it all develop and turn into a lovely mass of flowers. Happy gardening!

Libbys Blog said...

It will be great watching your garden come into bloom!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your garden will look so beautiful . . . the cosmos , oh the cosmos will be a delight.
I have planted some also.
~I'll be looking for "garden art" such as old ladders, at the next rummage sale.

Anita said...

Oh Paula, thank you so much for that post! You are more than welcome!

Me too, I am very happy that my seeds for a new home in your garden and I am looking forward to seeing them grow (I hope) over the next couple of weeks and months!

Me too, I'll have another border with dill and calendula this year, your pumpkin path sounds great, too!

It's sprouting everywhere in my garden, I can't wait to see everything in bloom!

Happy gardening to you as well!

Hugs, Anita

P.S.: I just looked at my Easter post again (thanks for the link), the borders look completely different now, everything is growing so fast!

mrsnesbitt said...

Off to garden meself now!


The fortune chocs you sent me...there was a quote about not counting something re your baps??????
I have lost it, but it was sooooooo you know the one I am on about?


talj said...

Looks lovely! I have enjoyed growing my own things so much this past couple of months and cant wait for the runner beans to grow that both Ruth and myself have planted! :o)

Petunia's Gardener said...

Two days of rain, but I did see some Anita seedlings poking up yesterday. There's probably more today. A morning of sun would cause an explosion!

Denise, I'll check on that fortune to make sure I get it right.

Isn't it wonderful how much we can enjoy a simple thing like sprouting seedlings!