Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's Here...

I'm making my list and checking it two, three or four times. Gonna leave it laying around the house 'cause Dear Husband needs to knows how much to put on the gift certificate he'll make and leave in my stocking. But shhh... he likes it when he surprises me.

Territorial Seed Company www.territorialseed.com


Anita said...

Unfortunately, these American seed companies are not willing to send their catalogues to Germany... ;-((

So what did you put on your wish-list?

Oh, by the way, Santa Claus was here tonight and left some delecious chocolates for us. And I received a Santa's parcel from my mom. Guess what she had put inside: lots of pearls, a green Christmas fabric, bead yarns and some nice white borders! I was so happy when I saw all those goodies!

So I guess I'll sew a Christmas tree next ;-))


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Mrs. wants for Christmas??


Petunia's Gardener said...

Anita, you really did sew a Christmas tree, didn't you! Very lovely.

DH, it isn't what I want, but what someone might want to give me. To make me think of him and only him each time I see it or when it blooms.... xox