Saturday, November 04, 2006

Snackjacks Indeed!

These small Snackjack pumpkins will be back next year!
I baked them for about an hour and my father-in-law scooped out the meat. DH soaked the seeds in salt water and then stuck them back in the oven for roasted pumpkin seeds. We added chopped apples to the pumpkin meat. (Spring photo here.)
And made apple & pumpkin muffins. The roasted pumpkins seeds where so much better than the seeds we tried to roast last year. These needed no shelling and we've eaten them all already. So all the little Snackjacks scattered around the house will soon accomplish their snack providing mission and be eaten before long!


jackie said...

P's Gardener - your pictures are so very clear and crisp - makes me feel like I could take a bite out of those muffins. I bet they are good - and moist. I've never grown pumpkins, just don't have the room for them in my little garden. Sometimes I want to go out and plow up a few acres so I can grow more things - then I think of all the work involved - and I'm happy with my little garden again!

Anonymous said...

The muffins were very delicious. Thanks for the memories.000 & XXX, GMa

Anonymous said...

Verrry nice pumpkins

Leslie said...

Snack Jacks look like a winner. I'll add them to my list. I feelall warm inside just reading this

Allotment Lady said...

Would love that recipe for apple and pumpkin muffins they look delicious. I made pumpkin jam and that was a winner so might try apple and pumpkin jam - nothing like a bit of inventiveness.

As usual a stunning blog which I absolutely adore

Petunia's Gardener said...

The recipe was from the site. I can add the link at some point, or just search for apples & pumpkin. The spices came out more the second day. There were very moist also and plenty sweet.