Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tale of Two Frogs

Several days ago, Frog had a little excitement in the pond. We noticed he was singing very different notes. We thought maybe a girlfriend had arrived. Then we heard another voice - competition over the little hole of water! For about a day, they made noises ("This is my pond" "Says who!" "Just leave" "Make me!") but not the usual singing. Then they seemed to work it out and very nicely alternated their songs.

Do frogs try to return to their home body of water? If so, I thought they might be brothers from last year... Late Arriver and Later Arriver (as other frogs in the area were singing back in March).

But now the pond water thickens...Tonight, it sounds like we're back to one voice. I do know they are territorial so maybe one finally won the singing contest and the other is headed out to the water in the ditch.

Petunia & friends must know there is still some cool weather ahead. No signs of them anywhere.

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Greenhouse Girl said...


Thanks for the pic … I got confused at first and was amazed that such a little frog could create such vast amounts of spawn (now you know I don’t know much about frogs…) but then I think he’s resting on part of the pond …

And as a singer of songs, he definitely looks a winner … he certainly would have won the Eurovision Song Contest …