Thursday, March 30, 2006

The first year-part 3

To keep this as part of the March collection, here are pictures from Sept-Oct 2005, in the garden's first year. Petunia still visited now and then, but I think she spent more time on vacation in the tall grass nearby. Now we also had tomatoes, peas, zucchini and Romano beans along with the lettuce & herbs. We really enjoyed watching the pumpkins & sunflowers grow. See the handy shelf my DH added to the fence?
There are pumpkins peeking out above. Below, I could do a whole blog of sunflower pictures. I even like the well eaten one below (late Oct).
This was the largest of the 4 pumpkins at 88 pounds. We have no idea how this happened. Watch for more appearances by him.


Paula said...

Love your pumpkin pictures... Great blog! I will be visiting more.

Blackberry Gardener said...

Your sunflowers - complete with visiting butterflies! :) - are so beautiful!....hmmmm, I may have to add sunflowers to my ever growing list of things to plant.