Friday, March 24, 2006


Putter: to busy oneself without needing to get much done. This is the "puttering barn." The 'garden shed' is the back part of the barn. The outside stall on the left side of the picture (sort of blocked off from the sheep in this picture) is the outside potting area. Just inside from the potting area is the rest of the garden shed. We're still debating the use of the area inside the big doors! The mailbox on the fence just holds misc. garden supplies.

The inside 'garden shed' has been shared with the sheep supplies for the winter. A white board? It came from a local surplus store and seemed handy for garden planning. It holds sheep care notes right now! To the right of the hanging tools is the door back to the outside potting area.

Every garden shed needs original artwork for inspiration (painter unknown)! Now you've visited "the barn."

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Mutha said...

Cooool puttering barn! I am incredibly jealous. I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog -- encouraging comments too! I found yyour blog by hitting the "next blog" prompt in the corner of most Blogger sites (upper right hand corner). I do that every once in a while and just see what comes up. That's how I found you!
We finally have tulip and daffodil heads popping up here. Yee Ha!