Monday, April 22, 2013

Seize the Day

The weather changed my plans today.  After an appointment, I made my fastest ever Carpinito Brother's visit. I walked out with vegetable seedlings even before my coffee could get cold.

Broccoli, three types of lettuce, Swiss chard, peas and beets.   The beets have such long roots they may not transplant well.  I usually plant them as seeds.  There were many beet seedlings so we'll see how many make it.

While the days will be sunny this week, the nights are frosty.   Part of the seedlings are protected by the cloche, now in a different row than last year.    Since they are all vegetables that can take some cold weather, hopefully they'll do ok in the rows without the cloche also.

What was in the plans was planting the last of the 30 cedar seedlings.   And now that's done too.

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