Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tanzania - Lions II

On our way out of Tarangire National Park, our guide heard from others that the lions where visiting the airfield.   There is a small building being built and the reflective glass is still intriguing to the wildlife.  Our guide said the builders should replace the glass or the animals will break it.  

Link to Lions Part I:  http://petunias-garden.blogspot.com/2012/09/tanzania-lions.html

If the lions are anything like my cat, Maria, their curiosity will not wear off anytime soon.

It gave us a chance to watch them wandering around the building (watching themselves).

Even with all of this excitment, a nap is still in order.  Lions have little to fear.  They know their daytime priorities.

The guide who had set out this picnic for his new arrivals was a little more worried.  He decided to move the picnic elsewhere.  This building is the existing building at the airfield...the old restrooms.

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