Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Garden Surprises

Blooming broccoli in the garden yesterday.  If it had been warmer than 40 degrees, we would have seen bees, too.  At this link, you can see the bees with full broccoli pollen baskets:
There was a little broccoli for the lettuce and chard dinner salad, also.

I was surprised to find evidence of a recent poppy blossom.  Our weather changes from dry and warm to cold, then warm and damp, and back to cold seems to have caused some garden confusion.   All of the poppy's siblings bloomed back in May and June; photo below is from May.

On the sweet pea plant, we found sprouting seeds in the seed pods.  I have never successfully sprouted sweet peas.  I placed these in the soil, but I doubt they'll make it until spring.

I found sunflower seeds sprouted in this bird feeder.  Some recent day must have been just right.  The birds and squirrels don't leave seeds there long.  

The biggest surprise - it's only November and we have the old tomatoes, peas, beans, and squash plants clean up for the winter. 
Compare to this link to the September garden, to see the difference:

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Alison said...

I have an Oriental poppy in my garden that has a big fat bud on it too. It hasn't actually opened, so there's no color, but it does seem to be confused. In your picture of the flowers back in May, they are all standing so nice and tall. Mine flop all over, maybe they aren't getting quite enough sun where they are.

I found some Echinacea seeds that had already sprouted while still inside the seedhead. At least I know they're viable seeds.

I am planning to go to the Fling next year. It would be great if you went too, we could have a delegation from the PNW! I had an exciting time last year when it was in Seattle.