Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Signs of Frost?

Congratulations to Matron ( ) and her 191 pound pumpkin!  They brought home 4th place in the London pumpkin contest on their first try.

Yesterday, I harvested this squash collection, including the Queensland Blue pumpkin from Matron's seeds, and a little broccoli.   Today I picked more pumpkins, scalloped squash, lettuce and a basket of tomatoes. 

It appears the garden was frosty last week while I was away.  It will happen again, so I left only a few green pumpkins that have a little protected by other plants.    

1 comment:

Matron said...

I just love this time of year on the plot. It just seems so productive and colourful. So wonderful to see you grew the Queensland Blue. An amazing colour when you cut it through.