Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Excursion (the USA one)

Congratulations to the couple recently married in Ashford, WA.  Wellspring Spa, by Mt Rainier, was a beautiful spot for guests to enjoy, too (even though the couple then went on to Iceland, without inviting the rest of us).  This is where we were going when we spotted the giraffe in Washington.
A place to pass through, or pause.  (just what my garden needs)

When it was time, the guests walked the path to the outdoor wedding site (we'd been advised about footwear).   I loved this short journey we all took through the woods just before the wedding.

I also had a chance to walk the labyrinth of mossy stones (that's not me in the photo).  Years ago, some friends had visited different local labyrinths, but I couldn't join then.  (Together, we did do this excursion to Bastyr University in this reflexology walk part II post, and garden related part I). 

In the honor of the one who is now with us in spirit, on a beautiful day, with a glass of wine...and jet lag, I went.   Pretty cool experience to see what comes to mind as you walk it. 

This shows about a quarter of it.  I like how it is laid out in the forest, up and down with the ground and over the tree roots. 

In the center is this mossy tree.

Here is one of the cabins.   Each cabin is unique, one is a tree house, and a couple are safari-style tents.

Yes - a memorable wedding and excursion.

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