Monday, September 10, 2012

Tanzania - Giraffes

Northern Tanzania in August.

Serengeti National Park.  The silent, watchful giraffe.

In the open spaces of the Serengeti, we kept seeing stumps, rocks and clumps posing as animals.  I pointed to a spot and said there's a stump posing as a giraffe.  Actually, it was a giraffe posing as a stump.   (but not this one, above)

Tarangire National Park.  Even when they hang out in groups, giraffes are know for neglecting to warn the others of danger.  When people don't look out for others, Tanzanians say they are behaving like a giraffe. 

A giraffe's dental hygienist makes house calls and works in high places.  This giraffe didn't seem fond of having her teeth cleaned, but the bird was very persistent.

Tarangire.  Giraffe camouflage works here.

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Matron said...

WOW - spectacular pictures!