Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tanzania - Coffee Status

To my coffee people:
This is your coffee from our visit to Gibb's Farm, early in the trip.  

I had the coffee at lunch and it was delicious with the creamy rice pudding and sweet beetroot salad (the beets were good enough for lunch and again for dessert).
I thought it would be good for a coffee tasting.

These ladies even let me help with the coffee drying going on in the middle of the vegetable garden.

The coffee traveled with us until we reached the Serengeti National Park where we started each morning with coffee in front of our tent (but not your coffee). 


During the last night, we heard noises besides the usual hyenas and lions.  In the morning, we found this little dormouse in the tent roofing. 

And packing our bags, we found that someone had chewed through several layers of protective wrappings and sampled the coffee and clif bars during the night.  (second photo, below, is from a website identifying critters like this).

He is suspected of shredding toilet paper in the tent next door, also.  These guys prefer trees, but will access houses via the roof.  Tents in the Serengeti must be tempting targets, no matter how well wrapped & enclosed the snacks are kept.  

So, sorry for losing your coffee.   However, I can give you directions to the Stiggbucks Coffee Bar in Arusha instead. 


kitsapFG said...

Coffee in that location would taste better than that same coffee just about anywhere else... don't you think?! But then again, I adore my coffee and find opportunities to drink it everywhere. :D

Good thing I live in the coffee drinking oasis of the pacific northwest.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Yes, I agree with you. Coffee, and showers, were especially good experiences in the locations we visited.