Monday, September 24, 2012

September Squash Con't

Last night's cooked giant white scalloped/pattypan squash and tomatoes where not that great.  I had reservations about trying this big guy (also scalloped, but yellow).   No worries - best dish all summer.  I cut this one up in large chunks and steamed it.  Then added fresh tomatoes (instead of cooking the squash & tomatoes together).   I think it is more flavorful than even young white scalloped squash (seeds were "assorted scalloped.") 

The difference was age.   The one last night had been on the vine longer.  It's skin was tough and the seeds more mature.  It was the last one on the plant, too.  This yellow one had tender skin without mature seeds.  

And there many more on the two plants.   They were late sprouters from the seeds I planted in the garage.  I almost thought it was too late to plant out in the garden (late july).  They are going strong while the others are finished.

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Matron said...

Pattypan squash are one thing that I've been meaning to try for years. I think most squash family are fine whether you eat them small like zucchini or large like pumpkins. Must put on my list for next year.