Monday, September 24, 2012

September Garden

Remember the garden?  It's been on its own for these past warm and dry weeks.  Along with these tomatoes, I had a basket full of sungold and chocolate cherry tomatoes and a giant pattypan squash (ideally, you don't want them to reach giant size).   I cooked the squash, some of these red tomatoes, onion, a few green beans and basil.  

The cherry tomatoes are now frozen for winter cooking.  We've also frozen blueberries from our neighbor.

I just noticed another late planted squash with many small squash and one larger one.  I'll figure out which type of squash it is, and try it tonight.

And my mission of using up older things in the cupboard is progressing.   We never have pudding (hmmm... so that's why it is old), but now we have pudding with bananas to eat.

Back to vacation posts.

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