Monday, September 24, 2012

September Days

If I could have done this move to celebrate the beautiful day, I would have.  Actually, this hummingbird was keeping his eye on me as I inspected the roses on the hillside (below). 

I haven't noticed it at this color stage before.  This link shows it in other seasons, and this link with snow.  It's a wild rose that seems quite happy expanding on the hillside.

Then I went to check out the hawthorn tree, now much larger than when we first set up a hillside retreat under it.  (see this link about the hillside retreat.)  It has also sprouted new trees, but it's a good place for a hedgerow.

The hummingbird sat in the top of the tree and chatted at me until I moved on.  I don't know why he is worried.  There are plenty of bugs for everyone.  My visit today wasn't early enough to catch the dew on the spider webs in the tree, like this photo.

On the hillside.

In the garden.

It's a nice time of year to be at home (at least for a little while). 

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Alison said...

Great pictures! Especially the bird in the first photo. Those rose hips are such a pretty shade of orange.