Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tanzania - Up Front

No seats! I was the last to climb on board the plane we would take to Tarangire National Park and the seven seats were full.  My travel companions saw me looking around and pointed to the seat next to the pilot (while laughing).  I thought they were joking.    The pilot said it happens sometimes.

It was a great flight and a chance for aerial views of northern Tanzania.  Somehow the bumps don't feel so scary when you are sitting next to the person in control.  

My Grand Canyon boots weren't on this flight, though.  When we took this flight on our second day in Tanzania, our bags where still on their way from Amsterdam.   We packed light for traveling around Tanzania so we were well below the luggage limit for the flight to Tanzania.  This meant we could add in supplies for schools in the area we would visit (see the Pack for a Purpose website, although it was our guide who connected us with a school and its inspiring school founder). 

I had a chance to sit up front on some other other flights, even though the seats weren't full.  All you have to do is ask, and keep your knees away from the controls.

Our bags caught up with us on the third day.

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Matron said...

Wow! lucky you, I always wanted to do that!