Friday, July 20, 2012

Now we're cooking (eating)

I'm happy to have broccoli and peas for salads now.  There were tomatoes, too, but they didn't make it into the basket.  It complements the special cooking niche I've discovered (finally).  Finding a do-able cooking niche (something good we can/will cook regularly) was a quiet objective for this summer... maybe.   In order to maintain expectations, I only committed to one complete dinner for DH (done).   Running out of time, I'm glad to learn my specialty.

The joy of clearing out unneeded stuff has moved to the kitchen.  Target:  cupboards and freezer.   My special niche is creating meals from the food found there, especially if it has been there a while.  I think it is the satisfaction of using it up that motivates me to cook it.

Results: the blueberries frozen in 2008 (fresh from the grower) are great additions to morning cereal (foodsaver sealed bags).  There are chicken breasts we froze because we had more than we would be cooking that day, and many other days, the left over Costco brownie bites from some gathering, and garden green beans.   Frozen garden pumpkin will go into a pie soon.  From the cupboard, I made blueberry muffins, scalloped potatoes, and I just found some pudding - we never have pudding (but now we will).   I did throw away a few things I remember moving from our previous house.

I thought I had some freezer jam, but it turned out to be cranberries...I think.   I dumped it, so it counted as a cleared out item too.    I added to the freezer this year's raspberries from the neighbor and I plan to add more blueberries.  Both will be nice to have in the winter (and I won't wait 4 years).

Funny - the Ghirardelli brownie mixes never stay in the cupboard until their 'best by' date.  Oh, and I was willing to eat the girl scout cookies approaching their best by/freeze by date so DH was subjected to 'old' cookies (and why add them to the stuff in the freezer?).

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Nola said...

We just made a cobbler from peaches harvested and frozen in 2009. Gotta' love those FoodSaver bags!