Monday, June 18, 2012


While I was gone, DH was watching the tomato seedlings and the planted beans in the garden.  Just before I returned, he asked about the plants in the garage window.  They had sprouted!   I had given up on them before I left.

Matron - this includes your Queensland blue pumpkin and Jubilee tomatoes I planted at the end of April (some Jubilee already in the garden).  The other sprouts are delicate and patty pan squash planted in May.

I knew it was a little risky planting squash in these starter pellets but did it anyway. I was still surprised to pick up this pumpkin to find these roots.  I had to go find a larger pot.


Matron said...

Glad they have germinated for you. Because of the light levels over there in WA, I think they may do well for you. We've had an awful wet, cold Spring and things are months behind here!

Petunia's Gardener said...

I may have to grow them in the garage. They are not going to like the climate or slugs in the garden. We hope it will change soon. I hope your summer arrives too.