Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's (Summer) Time

Happy summer!  This is where the celebration will center in Alliance, Nebraska.   Carhenge - One of the more special places I've discovered on my travels.  It's a replication of Stonehenge in size and placement of the car/stones. Touchable big art under a big sky.

It is also a Car Art Reserve, with other creative uses of old autos.  The Hungry Holler Art Reserve reminded me of it, but I'll have to find time to hunt down the Car Art photos on a different computer.

Time! How did I have enough of it when I was working (and when I go back)? There are great things to fill more than every moment.  
I suspect I have just the right about of time for the important things in life.  And its just that those things change at different times.  

See this link to the post about our visit to Carhenge in 2007.  And about the Gremlin car, above.

Enjoy your time today.


Matron said...

Next time you come to England, I'll take you to the real thing!

Petunia's Gardener said...

Yes - Let's plan on it! I have not been there.