Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Puyallup Demonstration Garden

This is what I want to see at my house... a pumpkin patch all ready to go.  That's a polka-dot composter pig in the corner.  These photos are from our accidental visit to the Puyallup Master Gardener Demonstration Garden.
(DH surprised me today by mowing the tall grass around our pumpkin patch. Now it is up to me to reach the soil level.)

Here are two different designs for hoop cloches.  The design, above, has a wooden frame that keeps the hoops in place.  The design, below, has short hoops that are attached to the wooden bed frame, without a ridge support.   I move my cloche to different places in the garden so it is more free-standing than these designs.

Above, the people are walking through the Jack and the Beanstalk children's garden.  The other beds are just getting started for the year.

And a perennial / wildlife garden, above. 

The garden has classes and children's activities throughout the summer.  Here is the link to the schedule.


Matron said...

How wonderful! I went to the Puyallup fair with Debbie a few years ago. I love County fairs. It is Chelsea Flower Show next week in London.

Woodies Garden Centre said...

WOW! Your design is really very awesome i love it.
Thank you for post.