Saturday, May 12, 2012

Garden Math

Neighbor asked if I had a place for some of her tomato seedlings from her amazing greenhouse. Yes, I have space for two.  The types she has are Legend and Golden Nugget. 

I like garden math:
2 plants 'taken' by e-mail = 11 plants in person.  Usually, we stop here.
This time, I can return with tadpoles and little frogs.

Can you see the shadow of Emily, the garden inspector?  See her garden story here and picture here.

Thanks, neighbor! 


Matron said...

Gardeners and bloggers are such lovely people, and it is a real community out here. Many of my regulars have been gifts or swaps. I still cherish the Delicata squash you gave me!

Petunia's Gardener said...

I have transplanted four of your Golden Jubilee tomatoes into larger containers. Did the chocolate cherry seeds sprout for you? I'm tempted to focus on tomatoes in the garden this year, most from other gardeners. It might be a good summer for it.