Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Border" Gardens

From our outing on Thursday, here is the northwest corner of Point Roberts, Washington, at Monument Park.  This is the start (or the end) of the "world's longest unguarded border," but it's not ungardened.   The house on the left is north of the border, in Canada.  I'm standing the US (I think). 

Along much of the US-Canada border, it is a ditch or a clearing that separates the two countries.  The fences on the left belong to Canadian houses.  The road on the right is in the US. 

To northern gardeners - a maintained ditch and a road mean a break in the trees.  A place for a garden on the south side of their fences!  

Most houses along the ditch made use of this southernmost edge of Canada.  We saw lots of gardens, some chairs, composters and a trampoline.  Some people without fences kept everything neat all the way to the road.    

I liked the garden houses (sheds) in some gardens along the ditch.  It reminded me of the train-side view of allotment gardens I've seen in the UK. 

There is supposed to be a geocache on the US side, but we felt odd parking on the road and wandering around in the hedgerow so close to the border.   Next:  The southeast corner of Point Roberts and tree tops.

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