Tuesday, February 07, 2012

February Garden

Saturday's sky over Petunia's Garden.  The benefit of a garden blog is looking back at prior years.  After two years 'on-hold,' do I have this June garden to look forward to again?  And Sunflowers and pumpkins and green (or purple) beans.

Thanks to Coffee Bag Mulch Magic  the main garden rows will be ready for spring with only a little preparation.  Those are iris leaves flopped on the bags in the lower right hand corner.  They have had their time in the garden and need to move out.  There are more rows with out of control herbs and weeds.
And then there is this tree, plus several remaining native shrubs bordering the garden.  They need to be moved, if it is still possible.  They landed here temporarily in our 2nd year at the house when we had extras from the King County bare-rooted tree/shrub sale. 


Anonymous said...

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sarahcolin1 said...

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