Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fall Treats

You know you are missing your fall garden, when your special treat (for doing stuff you don't like) is stopping at the fresh veggie market for a pumpkin to cook.  And a few other fall friends.  It took a lot of effort to resist many other items, at least for this trip.

I did pick the largest tomato ever from the garden this week.  But that's partly because I had been traveling for 2 weeks and I'm only now catching up with what has changed (besides the decreased temperatures).  

By advertising these types of fall treats, I guess I won't have to prepare for many trick-or-treaters.


Matron said...

Let's hope you will be able to look forward to some Queensland Blue pumpkins next year.

ignorant gardener said...

Are your tomato plants still growing? Our have pretty much withered away, and this year they have "blossom end rot"? :-( I like your blog. I just started my own and was wondering if you'd mind looking at it and letting me know if you have any suggestions for me?

- Thanks!