Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome Summer

I found so many volunteer foxglove-like seedlings around the yard and garden, I was starting to wonder if they were really a weed.  I'm glad I didn't pull them all. 

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Let's Try Again

OK - Others have done it.  I can too - it's time to share the ugly truth.  Here is the state of two of the vegetable beds. They haven't had attention since last summer.   I had delayed doing anything as I didn't know where to start recovery, or when.   Finally, I thought about how we started our garden  - weed blocking/mulching.  

1st - Shorten the weeds/grass.  I asked (bribed) DH to weed-eat it (leaving the flower bunches standing cost extra).
2nd - Mulch what's left with coffee bags to block out light and smother the weeds/grass.
3rd - Let the worms and coffee bags work while I go visit family in the midwest
4th - Plant stuff and hope for sunshine. 

Here, you can see the two mulched rows.  The row closest to the chairs is full of flowers, chamomile, lambs ear, hyssop and other herbs.  The bees will love this row as is, so we'll call it intentional.   The next row has tomatoes and beans planted last Tuesday, along with the chives and fennel already in place.  

It was from under a sheet of weed blocking plywood we first saw Petunia, the snake.  Along with the earth worms that love living under the coffee bags, maybe Petunia will have moved in by the time I return.

Now, the other flower and herb rows need care, but that can be the summer project.