Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Critter Update

It was warm enough for the first of the actual gardening tonight.  Thanks for the tomatoes, Jeanne!

Instead of a garden update, though, we have a critter update.  Not Petunia, but these little spiders. 

And where are they living?  In the critter hotel that sits along the fence line by the garden.  The recycled planter boxes are my solution to a "green roof." Two other boxes form one of the layers in the structure.  

I started this years a few years ago after seeing one on another blog.  Here is an information sheet on them, too.


Anonymous said...

5/31 seemed to be the "Great Spider Hatching Day" this year. How to they all know to hatch on one day? Good luck with the tomatoes. It is supposed to finally warm up for several days starting this weekend.

Matron said...

That is amazing because I saw the same thing on the same day over here! It is great to encourage beneficial insects on to the patch. Love your insect house! I had a nest of bumblebees in my titbox this year!