Sunday, January 23, 2011

Greenhouse To-Do

Winter winds took out a number of the greenhouse panels. There hasn't been the time or the weather to get them back in place. With the interruptions last year, I'm more than ready for a fresh start to the garden. This is a good place to begin.

Fortunately, the panels were not destroyed. I collected them, and all the little clips that hold them in place (most of the time), and they are in my part of the barn (also in need of a fresh start).

The attached shelving and the brace for the stained glass probably helped the structure stay in place. It also helps that we don't have the winds o' Kansas to contend with! Check out this greenhouse post about the new greenhouse of my former neighbor and original owner of my greenhouse!!

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Nola said...

Is that a Hall's Greenhouse? There's a place in Lynwood that carries them and has extra parts.

MHf said...

Too bad, but be thankful yours is still standing! Looks like an easy fix. And, yes, let's hope 2011 is a much friendlier year for gardening.

clodhopper said...

Are they perspex sheets? Gales took out 6 sheets of glass from mine recently. :-(