Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My Garden Looks After Me

What a nice surprise to finally slink out to the garden and find a little dinner (some weeks ago). Without watering (or rain) the beans are not so prolific, especially the runner beans. These purple climbing beans have produced just enough for dinner now and then. The tomatoes probably had too much shade from giant hyssop plants and not enough water for a bumper crop.

I cannot complain. I've left the gardening to the bees this year. ... and Petunia (the snake). They've done a fine job, just to their tastes.

Too many trips and interruptions this summer, but these years happen.

Another (fun) trip later in September and then a good fall garden sort out is on the calendar for October!


Anonymous said...

H, Do you grow Heirloom tomatoes? If so save me some seeds. I Have a hanging "upside down ?planter I'd like to use--Or Early Ana's Variety that is the kind Daddy swore by.
Have a wonderful and safe Fun trip.
God Bless you both. Love, Mom B

ZZ said...

Wow! Tomatoes that are red!

They look good!

Matron said...

Welcome back! I sometimes think that my plot does just the same if I just leave the weeds around the vegetables all Summer, than if I spent hours working on it. Nature knows best (that's my excuse anyway)

reverse phone lookup said...

That's just it! there is something so comforting about a vegetable garden. We have two massive raised hot beds and man we can't even keep up with them. We have a freezer in the basement that is loaded with about 50 Ziploc backs of tomatoes alone!