Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yeah! The beans are climbing out of the garden chaos.
Now for the race to the top!

And we have had a Petunia (snake) sighting in the garden. I just hope she doesn't venture to the pond where the little frogs are sometimes venturing out of the water.


Matron said...

It really is the time of the year when beans are just going crazy! My pole beans are so heavy now they are nearly tipping over!

Blender Diet said...

You and matron make me jealous! My beans are not doing too well. I am wondering what happened. The beans are small and do not grow any bigger. Yesterday, I noticed that some of the small beans have fallen to the ground. :(

Curmudgeon said...

Nice to catch up on what's been going on in your garden this year! We never got around to planting any beans. It's been a year of procrastination and laziness in our garden.